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CHAPTER 1: CLARITY CANDLE - 100% Organic Beeswax

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1. the quality of being coherent and intelligible 

2. the quality of transparency and purity 


This candle will bring a light to its user in a time of darkness. The white quartz crystal is known as the “master healer” and paired with essential oils such as frankincense (promotes clarity and spirituality), sandalwood (spiritual radiance and protective energy), and rosemary (mental stimulation and insight) the user will feel uplifted and have enhanced mental stimulation.  

WARNING: It is imperative that users remove the crystals before burning of the candle.  

made with love for a better you and brighter tomorrow 


05.21.22 - Fort Fisher, Friends of Felines x Stoked on the Water

6.03.22 - Wilmington, Panacea x Plastic Ocean Project

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